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Tally Dufour was born in Canada into a loving family rich with family gatherings, home-cooked meals, summer trips to the mountains, and Indigenous roots.  She loves spending a lot of her time being creative.  Not coincidently, she wrote and illustrated a book and is inspired to create works of art.

She lives in the land of living skies with her two busy boys.  Tally enjoys creating in between racing across the house on a whim, exploring nature in a local park, snuggling during story time, taking on Minecraft build challenges, and telling jokes to keep it fun. 

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Tally Dufour


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February 10, 2022

Such a beautiful and fun way to inspire little ones! Will certainly be back in near future as the new generation of our family expands again! Thank you for the quick delivery. 


Beautiful artwork with a wonderful message for kids! Loved everything about it!


November 6, 2021


March 27, 2022

What a wonderful book! Beautifully illustrated!

Inspiring you to shine bright

Day-Bird Creations’ mission is to help people awaken to who they truly are.  All creations put forth are meant to bring more love and light into the world. 

Welcome!  My name is Tally Dufour and I love to learn.  I am like a sponge soaking up every opportunity to discover something new.  I dive deep into many topics of interest.  I am always on the lookout for the next big challenge or project.  I like to share through creative expressions.

I hope you join me on this journey and become part of the love to learn tribe.  I have so much gratitude for all those I walk with me on mother earth and in the spirit world.  Thank you!

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